Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy birthday to me - Ten Tables

Although I had intended for this blog to be about restaurants as well as cooking, I have never once remembered my camera when we go to eat out. My birthday on Monday was no exception, but John managed to borrow a camera from his officemate. We went to Ten Tables, an adorable and inventive place not far from where we live. For whatever reason, we hadn't been there since John's birthday over 11 months ago. It's one of those new American, sustainable emphasis places that are all over Boston, but Ten Tables sets itself apart with value - a higher end experience at moderate prices.

Ten Tables has added a bar area to its ten-table dining room since we were there last. This caused a little mixup as John had reserved a table at the "bar," meaning the high chef's table in the dining room that overlooks the tiny kitchen. We were seated in the bar area with an apology, but no matter.

We got the four-course chef's tasting menu:

Charcuterie (pork pate, pickles, homemade chorizo) - partially eaten. Not only do I forget the camera, I can never remember to use it before taking a bite.

Scottish salmon with faro, beets and spinach

Braised short rib with duck fat fries. So rich I was glad there was only one.
Citrus sorbet palette cleanser (not pictured)

Tahitian creme brulee. Tasted like a creme brulee - I have no idea what made it Tahitian.

Lemon pudding

In all, the selections were delicious, but a bit more conventional than I recall from our previous dinner there, which had wowed me by unexpected pairings of ingredients that, upon arriving on my tongue, were obviously meant to be. I was a touch disappointed they didn't give us the chocolate terrine with sea salt and thai basil ice cream (!), but it's always on the menu.

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